Mission Trip 2024

- Chewable vitamin C for children

- Probiotic for little kids (chewable)

- Probiotics for big kids

- Pampers or Huggies Diapers size 8

- Liquid or chewable Ibuprofen (generic is fine)

- Liquid or chewable acetaminophen

- Foot fungus spray

- Calamine

- Peelers for vegetables (need 5)

- Can openers (need 5) 

We are collecting much needed supplies for the orphanage in Antigua, Guatemala. These are items are in short supply.  We will take as much with us as we can carry. Everything else will be shipped down on our return from the trip. 

If you prefer we do your shopping, you can make a monetary donation.

Download Information Flyer HERE

Tree4Hope Presentation

Deacon David Hope-Tringali, Executive Director, presented an overview of the Tree 4 Hope to members of St. Michael January 7. David shared an opportunity for members to participate in a mission trip to Guatemala July 11-19. Pastor David will lead our team with this trip. Please contact him if you might be interested as well.