Core Balance Training

  As we approach the “Golden Years” of our lives, we realize they are not always so golden.  It becomes increasingly difficult to do the normal task of daily living, such as loading groceries into the car, picking up the grandbaby or even just getting out of your favorite chair.  In addition, losing our balance and falling, possibly suffering a serious injury becomes a very real concern. 

   I will be instructing a 10- week, 2x per week, core muscular- strength/ stabilization and balance training program right here at St. Michael.   The course will focus on increasing core muscle strength. Our core muscles allow us to bend, twist, stand, pick something off the floor and many other activities of daily living.  In addition, the course will teach us to perform increasingly difficult balance exercises.  Proper posture and gait along with some light cardio will also be part of the course.

   The course is free except for the purchase of a yoga mat, supportive comfortable shoes and some low weight dumbbells needed later in the course.  Right now, I’m thinking Monday early afternoon and Thursday or Friday morning for a 1-hour class, with music!  A physician’s ok will also be required.  If you are unable to perform floor exercises, I’ll do my best to work within your abilities.  

    If you are interested, please contact me by text or e-mail.   Please state if mornings or afternoons work best for you.  Also, please keep in mind our classes will need to work around existing church functions.

I look forward to seeing everyone in class.


Joe Case

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Senior Fitness Specialist